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About Global Best Games (GBG)

Here at Global Best Games we are a professional team of game and hardware journalists. We are working to bringing you the latest and greatest news from the video gaming and hardware industry. For you gamers we provide a ton of content to read. Team of our expert writer is best known for their knowledge about the gaming world. They provide complete information and their task is to help you, our dear readers.

As we have launched this year (2018) our objective is to cover as many games as possible. While still we are able to provide some high quality articles and content your expect from games lovers like us!


We are living in a amazing time. Being limited to characters in films or cartoons are the thing of past now instead of them we are the hero.

Days are gone where gaming was a niche market now the gaming world has grown to mass market appeal, with global sales and an inclusive audience. There is something for each and everyone out here.

The line which separated the movies and games is start to break as we are more frequently seeing our movie actors appearing in the games.


Games continue to come in but the only problem is selecting the next game to play. Not every pc is created equally. The most frustration part is that when you get a new game but you find out that your pc requirements are not meeting the games requirements because you dont know that if your gaming machine is future proof. However with our recommend gaming hardware page you can track what you need next to make you pc future proof.

We hope you are loving the Global Best Games and if you have any kind of idea feel free to let us know in the comment section and we will try our best to use them.

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